Why value photography

So why should you value photography?

I get a lot of inquiries about my photography services, many get my price list and then don’t even mail me back or reply with “Too expensive for me, I’ll leave it thanks” so today I am going to talk about the value of photography and why it’s so important.

Most people have more money than they realize, there are hidden costs that we have in daily day to day life that we don’t account for or that are “luxuries” that we feel we can’t part with. For example, getting your nails done £20, having a meal out with your family £25, getting your hair colored at the hairdressers £45, having a tattoo, getting that new item of clothing or shoes ect now these things are nice, It’s good to treat yourself and your family now and again, we all deserve something special and a little “me” time and I am guilty of doing some of these things time to time. But I also make sure that once a year I save up and I have my family photographed and I still have my portraits taken with my kids, why? Why do I set aside a few hundred for my family portraits and why this investment I feel is the best investment you can make for your family…….

Because life is precious and life is short! I do not want to regret not having my yearly professional photos done, and yes I am like any other mother and I use my smart phone and snap away but in reality these photos although are nice day to day photos they don’t print well and they are not photos I will have on my wall for years or even printed out and put in a photo album, they are on my phone and on my computer. The last time I printed photos from my phone was a year ago and before that was when my daughter was 3 and she is now 5 and a half. It’s one of those jobs that I say I need to do but I never get round to doing because the boys nappy needs doing and so does the laundry and the dishes and then the day is over!

Even though I dislike the way I look due to my weight gain since having my second child, I don’t want to regret not having my photo with my children because I know that I am going to be gone one day and these photos are going to be the only thing left other than memories and memories fade. I know this from experience because my dad died when I was only 21 years old and luckily we had some professional photos done at his house when I was around 11 years old and I when I was 15 I had a couple of photos taken which are good quality.

So this is the only real photo I have of my dad and I when I was 15.

I don’t want to pass on and my children not have any photos of us, that they can look back at and recall memories and keep a special part of their heart to. God forbid that my children go before I do, but it’s something that I have witnessed unfortunately,  but I have lovely up to date professional pictures of my children that I can hold dear. There is just something more about professional photos and the quality that phone photos just don’t have that you can appreciate and the history of photographs do not lie.

You see the nails although pretty they will be outgrown within 2 weeks or ready to be re done and my hair will have faded in 6 weeks and material things come and go and fashion trends change and these things aren’t really important but the value of myself and my children are my first priority and having professional photos of them and I will stand the test of time always, time is so fragile and with cancer hitting more families and mother nature random bursts……although very macabre to think about it, It’s reality and it could be just around the corner and what are you leaving behind? What will be more cherished other than photos? As photos allow us to remember people how they were and what they look like other than our memories.

So my plea to you is look at your year, see what you can put away, look at the photographers around you and make that yearly investment because you will not regret it but what you will regret is not having your family photographs done in years to come.

Your life is valuable, celebrate it with a good professional portrait.